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Product Development Team

Meeting times: Mondays at 6 pm in Heep 424

Captains: Andrew Maust

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What do we do? 

We compete in IFT Competitions like Smart Snacks for Kids, MARS, and others creating bench-top prototypes of new food products.

How do we do this? 

First we start out with an ideation of markets that are either trending or in need of a new product. We then make a list of potential food products which we narrow down to a few based on our capabilities as students and guidelines of the competition. We then begin the formulation of the product. Once we are happy with a formulation, we will begin doing lab tests on our product such as shelf-life and water activity. We will also need to perform some sensory tests on our products to make sure our target consumers approve of the product. Finally we will write a product proposal following the guidelines provided by IFT and submit it to the competition! 

To learn more about the competition, click here

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